Welcome to MissWrightDesigns, I’m Miss Wright, though people call me Claire, and I create jewellery for women who crave meaningful jewellery with less impact on the environment.

I’m an essentially self-taught jeweller who designs innovative, modern, simple jewellery using traditional techniques, cold connections and responsibly sourced materials.

I’m passionate about the environment and connecting with like minded people. The MissWrightDesigns commitment to the environment goes beyond simply using recycled metals, our new designs are solder free, chemical free and ‘off the grid’. The philosophy is what’s in your jewellery box doesn’t need to contribute to climate change.

Claire Wright Square

When I’m not making jewellery or hanging out as @misswdesigns on Instagram, I can be found

  • admiring the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, I find them soul soothing like nature’s reward for rising early and surviving the day.
  • trying new handicrafts like sewing and weaving because there can never be enough craft in the world.
  • taking photographs of small details or landscapes, funny the two couldn’t be more polar opposites.
If you’re dying to know more here are three things you wouldn’t know about me
  1. I’m studying to be an accountant, though my first degree is journalism, a “creative accountant”.
  2. ‘Procastibaking’ happens pretty much every weekend.
  3. I have a full time job that I describe to non-accountants as ‘moving numbers from one spreadsheet to the next’.
If you’re ready for feeling better about your accessories go back and check out the shop, everything is lovingly handmade in my Sydney studio.

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